Mahatma Gandhi Annual Student Award

The Mahatma Gandhi Annual Student Award was established at Simon Fraser University in 2007. It is funded  through the generous contributions of the Thakore Charitable Foundation with support from the Institute for the Humanities at SFU. The purpose of this award is to recognize and honour those SFU students who, in the spirit of Gandhi’s work, have been active in voluntary community service in areas related to peace, justice, and human rights.

Voluntary service may include any voluntary service that contributes toward the betterment of the human condition: health-related and caring services, literacy and training programs, peer group assistance, work with peace organizations, social justice initiatives, community building services, anti-violence programs, anti-poverty programs, and local, national, and international programs that address issues related to peace, justice, and human rights. The Mahatma Gandhi Annual Student Award is valued at $1,500 and will be granted annually to a current or newly admitted full-time SFU student in good academic standing on the basis of demonstrated community service and leadership.

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Ashley Kyne

Ashley Kyne is an iTaukei Student at Simon Fraser University (SFU). She is in the final year of her undergraduate career, in pursuit of her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology (Hons) and Indigenous Studies. Currently, Ashley is writing her Honours thesis on Indigenous offender risk assessment, with a concentration on culturally-relevant risk factors. Ashley’s area of study has provided her with the opportunity to volunteer and work with like-minded organizations such as the Strathcona Community Policing Centre (SCPC), the Union Gospel Mission (UGM), Access Pro Bono (APB), and the SFU English as Additional Language (EAL) Peer Education Program. These four establishments have the goal to help vulnerable persons and visible minorities, and similarly, this is her mission as well. Growing up in Vancouver, and being at the forefront of these organizations, Ashley has seen how difficult life in Vancouver can be. Especially from the historical and current effects of colonization, Indigenous Peoples standard of living is significantly lower than the rest of Canada.


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