Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue to honour and promote the principles of truth, non-violence, equality, self-sufficiency, and sustainability by:

  • honouring a person or organization that has put in practice the principles of truth, non-violence, equality, self-sufficiency, and sustainability to improve a country or community via the Thakore Visiting Scholar Award
  • promoting a lifestyle of service to humanity and universal love
  • participating in activities that promote peace, non-violence, and unity among different communities


On the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday in 2020, we took a moment to reflect on what this event means to us given recent world events, particularly with respect to the ongoing violence and injustice being faced by the Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour (BIPOC) members of our community and around the world. 

At its heart, Gandhi Jayanti is a celebration of the principles of truth, non-violence, equality, self-sufficiency and sustainability. It is also a time for self-reflection and action where those involved find ways to carry forward and incorporate these principles into their lives.

To embody these principles also means being upfront and honest about unpacking the complexities of Gandhi’s life. Much has been said about Gandhi’s early views on Black South Africans and his writings during his time in South Africa. In his 20s and at a time when he was practicing as a lawyer in South Africa, Gandhi held racist views towards Black South Africans. Later in his life, he came to realize that the struggle for equality and freedom that he sought for India was a fight for justice that included all marginalized peoples, and he became vehemently anti-racist. 

We disagree with Gandhi’s early views on race and they do not align with the values of this event.

We acknowledge the following:

  • Gandhi’s early racist attitudes towards Black South Africans run counter to humanity’s pursuit of justice and equality for all. 
  • His ability to recognize his bias and educate himself about the social injustice he was perpetuating, and the eventual positive evolution of his views on this important issue are things we will learn from.

In the spirit of learning and evolving our views, we commit to continually re-evaluate and adjust this event as we learn more about how we can best embody the principles of truth, non-violence, equality, self-sufficiency, and sustainability in today’s world.

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