Institute for the Humanities

Since its inception in 1983, the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University has been dedicated to the exploration of the critical perspectives that relate social concerns to the cultural and historical legacy of the Humanities. The Institute seeks to facilitate the development of attitudes that lead toward active engagement in society. In taking such a role, the Institute hopes to contribute reflective, contemplative, and critical public points of view on the conflicts and contentious issues of our time.

 The Institute for the Humanities supports Gandhi Jayanti by:

  • Advertising, marketing and arranging social events for the celebration
  • Preparation of the facilities (Peace Square and theatre)
  • Planning and preparation for the lecture portion
  • Providing funds for administration of the event and costs in excess of the other contributions.

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JS Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities at SFU

The J.S. Woodsworth Program is an integral part of the Department of Humanities at SFU, providing direct support for undergraduate courses, enriching the student experience with special lectures and symposia, and bringing to the campus outstanding scholars both as visitors and as holders of the J. S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities.

The JS Woodsworth Chair supports Gandhi Jayanti by:  

  • Assisting in the selection of the Thakore Visiting Scholar
  • Planning for the lecture portion 

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SFU W.A.C. Bennett Library

The W.A.C. Bennett Library has been a hub of learning, research and student engagement since Simon Fraser University opened in 1965. The Library’s vision statement is “Open for research. Open for learning. Open for collaboration.” Our stated values are openness, diversity and creativity. The Library’s collection includes more than three million physical volumes and 10 million online volumes, as well as 68,000 electronic subscriptions. In 2019-2020, 1.49 million students, faculty, staff, and community members visited SFU Library’s three campus locations, and more than 3.89 million visitors logged on to the Library website.

The Library offers a range of diverse programs and services that inspire and engage learning and scholarship and has a long history of leadership and innovation relating to creative commons and open access programs.

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Thakore Charitable Foundation

Thakore Charitable Foundation (TCF) was established on October 17th, 1989. The foundation has established two endowments with the Institute for the Humanities and the W.A.C. Bennett Library at Simon Fraser University (SFU).  

The Thakore Charitable Foundation provides the following to Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations:

  • Consulting with the nomination committee of the Thakore Visiting Scholar Award
  • Distributing invitations
  • Arranging and organizing Garlanding event and theater program on October 2, each year.

For more information: Thakore Charitable Foundation

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