Thakore Charitable Foundation

The purposes of the Thakore Charitable Foundation are:

  • to fund, facilitate, promote and carry out activities and programs which are beneficial to the community as a whole in a way the law regards as charitable; 
  • to receive gifts, bequests, funds and property, and to hold, invest, administer and distribute funds and property for the purposes of the Foundation, for such other organizations as are "qualified donees" under the provisions of the Income Tax Act and for such other purposes and activities as are authorized for registered charities under the provisions of the Income Tax Act; and 
  • to do all such other things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the foregoing purposes and the exercise of the powers of the Foundation

The endowment with the Institute for the Humanities at SFU was established in 1989 to formalize the regular garlanding event along with the annual student award and establish the annual Thakore Visiting Scholar Award. 

The endowment with SFU library was set up in 2016 to establish the Thakore Learning and Events Room. The income from the endowment is also used for an annual lecture or event on a subject matter chosen by the Dean of Libraries, keeping in mind the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. The administrator of this endowment is the Dean of Libraries.  

In 2016 TCF provided funds to build a gymnasium and theater at Kathana High school in Gujarat, India, and in 2020 provided funds to build toilets at the same school.

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